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Will Solana Mobile Eventually Overtake iPhone?



Solana Mobile - Chapter 2 - Concept Image

Solana is preparing to release its second crypto phone. The new phone, dubbed “Chapter 2,” has got the whole crypto world talking and has already received 60,000 preorders in less than three weeks. All buyers put down a $450 deposit, and the phones are expected to be delivered in 2025.

Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder and CEO of Solana Labs, is pumped about the response and was surprised by the sheer number of preorders. He said, “The response to Solana Mobile has been incredible. Since Chapter 2 was announced, we’ve had over 60,000 preorders and built a real community of dedicated users.”

The original Solana crypto phone called Saga sold out when it was released in December 2023, but not for the reason you think. Originally, it was selling for $1,000 before the price was lowered to $599. The Solana team wanted to create a cheaper, mass-produced, and updated version of the original.

How Does the New Solana Phone Differ From Saga?

The new crypto phone will have the same basic features as Saga. You’ll get custom Android software that is crypto-friendly, an onboard crypto wallet, custom Android software, and a special dApp Store that is purposefully built for crypto applications. The new version will be cheaper. Solana originally tried to sell Saga for a higher price but had to drop the price due to slow sales. 

Despite initial slow sales, once the Saga phone sold out, it became scarce and started commanding above retail prices on the secondary market thanks largely because of the free token airdrops owners were receiving. Right now, brand new Saga crypto phones are selling for over $3,000, which is five times more than the retail price when they were released in December.

Chapter 2 Crypto Phone Features

Here are the key features you can enjoy when you purchase a Solana crypto phone:

  • Top Tier Camera – 50MP main and 12MP ultrawide dual-camera system plus a 16MP selfie camera. 
  • Sturdy Materials – Ceramic case, stainless steel frame, and titanium elements.
  • Display – 6.67″ FHD+ AMOLED screen with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz.
  • Android 13 – You get full access to Google Play Services.
  • Rear Fingerprint Sensor – Open instantly and securely.

The Solana crypto phone looks similar to the iPhone, but it’s a long way from eclipsing the Apple smartphone. Chapter 2 is currently a niche product marketed towards serious crypto users who want access to crypto apps and make a lot of transactions throughout the Solana ecosystem. It remains to be seen whether this crypto phone offers enough unique features to become truly popular. Right now, from your iPhone or Android device, you can easily make transactions via crypto and safely store your crypto through a number of apps that are available on the App Store and at Google Play.

Phone Users Are Scoring Lucrative Airdrops

Initially, the Saga phone was considered a flop as not even a 40% price slash could inspire people to hit the buy button. The Solana team was getting ready to dump the phone and instead focus on other projects. However, smart traders quickly realized a profitable loophole. The Solana phone came loaded with BONK tokens that were worth more than the price of the phone. Once word got out about the BONK tokens, the Solana phones flew off the virtual shelves. 

Owning Saga phones has continued to be profitable for its lucky owners. Saga phone users get access to various projects and are regularly airdropped to different tokens and NFTs, which can then be sold on exchanges.

There are currently 150,000 Solana phones that are receiving airdrops. Owners of the phones have continued to receive different airdrops of tokens and NFTs, which they’ve been converting to bitcoin and other cash at exchanges. The airdrops have driven up interaction and ensured users didn’t just claim the BONK tokens, sell them, and dump the phone. The airdrops have also enhanced the Saga community, inspiring Solana developers to continue to build mobile applications.

The Chapter 2 phone is not coming out anytime soon. Even if you preorder, the earliest you’ll get your hands on this crypto phone is sometime in 2025. However, you can still find some original Saga phones for sale on 3rd party markets, but expect to pay way above retail!

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